Increasing police, military pay a ‘leap of faith’

DAVAO CITY Philippines – Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday admitted that prioritizing the salary increase of policemen and military personnel over those of other government workers is a “leap of faith” for the incoming administration of Rodrigo Duterte.


Cayetano, who arrived here yesterday to meet with the incoming president, said significantly increasing the salaries of law enforcement personnel is necessary in efficiently fighting crimes.

He also acknowledged that prioritizing the salaries of policemen and soldiers would distort the pay scale of government, but “we realized that solving the problem will not be problem-less also, will not be seamless.”

“Hindi mo maitataas ang pulis, then the police will be the syndicates of crime itself… So we’re going to take the leap of faith na magbubusina muna sa ibang government offices na ‘pasensya kayo ‘di muna natin masasabay-sabay,'” Cayetano told reporters.

“[Duterte] has a framework already in his mind — how many generals [ang involved sa corruption], bakit corrupt ang generals. Part of that framework are the two kinds of corruption — corruption by greed and corruption by need. Iyung ‘need’ ang gusto niyang tanggalin.”